Building bridges: Rocket Yoga & Yin

23 - 25 April 2020

The HotHouse

Abu Dabhi


A 20hrs YACEP training playing with the concept and energies of Shiva & Shakti.

How Rocket Yoga and Yin Yoga are complementary to each other; separate but together.

Meditation in movement, deep breathwork, the art of asana modification in the sequences of Rocket Yoga, focusing on the subtleties in each asana and the transitions,  Luca aims to enhance the presence of breath, uniting in the sequence; an expression of storytelling that becomes the guide which will lead the student to meet the Inner Self. 

The duality in each practice, where there is the energy of Shiva, we will find Shakti, a duality which is in fact one unity. The harmony with the nature inside and outside of us. Luca teaches from a background of Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga, exploring the concept of yang and show how to create progression in the sequencing. Alexandra will take you on a journey to a progressive method of sequencing in the yin asanas, exploring with you the benefits of both practices. 


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February 23

March 29

May 24

10:30 - 12:30

Samudra Yoga

Den Haag

The root in Rocket represent personal grounding, the stability needed to explore the matter and the spiritual

In collaboration with Samudra Yoga Studio we schedule a Sunday monthly event to explore The Rocket System in its authentic expression.


Starting from the February 23 we will deep into the qualities of The Rocket System, from strengthen and energise the physical body, to rewire and awaken the nervous system, to increase skills as a practitioner, decrease stress and open the path to connect with the Inner Self

The Rocket System is a revision of the traditional Ashtanga method that remove the hierarchy of postures and gives to student the inspiration into their own creative process, their body's boundaries and strength, building a sense of confidence which allows personal growth either physically and mentally

Every session takes 2 hours; in this time frame the students will have the opportunity to explore the routine on its best and and experience the benefit of the system.


The number of spots is limited to consent to every student to be assisted and have a comfortable experience 

Price per session: 22,50 euro

Price for full package (3 sessions): 60 euro

For more info and to reserve your spot leave a message through the Contact form or write a mail to: